Accept credit cards with QuickBooks Payments underdogs rock, underdogs rule! all hard copies sell out a year before publication Los Angeles, CA August 23, 2016: our social injustice book, shadow banned by TWITTER & OPENLY prohibited BY FACE BOOK takes on such grim and evocative issues that it has become the frightening expose on the world as it really is. With the 1% terrified into limiting the book release, the controversial reboot of the wildly popular and consistently sold out, RANGER-CORE: DEAD & BURIED, is defiantly resurfacing on OCTOBER 31, 2016 @12 midnight EST. “This is despite the industry’s best efforts to suppress it,” begins The Maker of the Galactic space opera allegory, Aeylias Lopez. “We resist as we are compelled to admit that they deliberately produce defecated zombie rubbish that is nothing but a vacant form of self indulgent masturbatory visual virus wrapped inside a blatant contempt FOR reality & the Earth’s populace. It is cloaked hatred of those that view it. All Engineered to tell you everything but the truth.